Looking For Water Adventure This Summer? Head to Knoxville, Tennessee

The Great Lakes of the South. Ever heard of such a place? That nickname affectionately refers to East Tennessee, where seven large lakes and countless rivers combine to create a whopping 220,000 acres of water! Together the bodies of water form over 4,500 miles of shoreline and result in unlimited recreational fun!

In the heart of this water paradise lies Knoxville, Tennessee. Referred to as “Knox” by the locals, there’s hardly a water activity that can’t be enjoyed in, or just outside of, the city.

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Exhibits We’re Loving at Knox Art in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

Combine spunk, artistic flair, and a chic ambiance and you’ve got the recipe for downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Downtown Knoxville is a seriously cool place, and over the course of the last decade, it’s been rapidly growing.

Any trip to Knoxville should include ample time to explore and enjoy downtown Knox. There’s just so much to see, do, and experience in downtown, but by far the Knoxville Museum of Art is one of our favorite places.

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You Can’t Miss Knoxville in the Spring and Here are 5 Events That Prove It

Few destinations are delightful to live in or visit year round. For many cities, winter is too cold and summer may be too hot or humid. Here in Knoxville, though, we can boast wonderful weather year round. Yes, Knoxville does experience all four seasons, but mildly so. In the colder months, temperatures rarely drop below 30 and in the summer rarely above the high 80s. Autumn is crisp and just cool enough and spring is simply lovely.

Ahhh, spring! One of the best times to visit Knoxville. Warm temperatures, sunny skies, and so much to do! Each spring season Knoxville plays host to a variety of exciting, culturally stimulating, and refreshing events. We’re not talking your run of the mill spring carnival, Knox (as the city is affectionately referred to) is quirky. Knox is unique. Knox is a place where creativity, imagination, and talent are celebrated and cherished. Trust us, it’s worth taking a trip to Knoxville this spring, just to enjoy an event or two.

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Your Guide to a Complete Sensory Experience in Knoxville, Tennessee

Looking for the perfect weekend escape? A place where in a mere 36 hours you can satisfy and indulge every single sense?

Look no further than one of the best-kept secrets of Tennessee – Knoxville. Knoxville is the kind of city that evokes a sense of discovery in its guests. Situated in a state which features a handful of well-known cities, i.e. Nashville and Memphis, the spotlight isn’t on Knoxville. As a result, Knox (as it’s fondly referred to) has been able to grow into whatever it wants to be. And grow it has!

From urban jungles to southern BBQ, Knoxville is as unique and quirky as they come, and we’re positive you’ll have an epic time discovering all of its delights. Few cities are as sensory oriented as Knox, and to give you a deeper sense of that, here’s a sense-driven weekend itinerary.

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Drink in Style at Any One of These 6 Trendy Knoxville Bars

What can help ensure any trip to a new city is excellent? Ease of transport, comfortable accommodations, delicious food… sure all of the above, but also the perfect place to grab a drink.

After a day of sightseeing and exploring, or meetings and work, relaxing with a drink in hand, surrounded by travel companions is a wonderful way to end the day. Except, you’re in a new city, with no idea which bars sell craft beer, which wine bar has the coziest atmosphere, or which bar is the most elegant. Sure, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other internet sources exist that can help lead you towards a bar, but it’s the local knowledge, the insider point of view that you need.

We may not be able to give you that insight for most cities, but one city we know like the back of our hands is Knoxville, Tennessee, and here in Knoxville we love our bars.

No matter the vibe of the bar or type of drink you seek, Knox has the ideal bar for you, and we’ve compiled a quick guide to help you discover it.

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Stay Fit in 2017 With These Knoxville Fitness Trends

After the mouthwatering meals, countless cookies, assorted goodies, and cheerful libations that inevitably come with the holidays, many are eager to incorporate some exercise back into their routine.

Plenty of people frequently dedicate their new year’s resolutions to fitness-oriented goals. Whatever the reason may be, it’s safe to say that once again January will be the month of health-related activities.

Whether you are a current resident of Knoxville looking for a new workout hotspot or intend to visit and want to ensure you can carry on your fitness routine, we have listed some of Knoxville’s top fitness options for you. You can find the type of workout that fits your needs whether you are popping in for a business trip or have roots planted in Knoxville already.

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Reason Three “Knoxrocks” – Events Year Round

With 2016 coming to a close, giddy excitement is beginning to bubble up and over our champagne glasses in anticipation for the New Year. 365 days of new possibilities, experiences, and adventures are hovering just out of sight. For all of the wanderlusters, weekend adventurers, foodies, festival junkies, and explorers, we’re ready to present you with reason #3 that Knoxrocks: Events Galore.

First came food, then came nature, and last but certainly not least, comes the deluge of Knoxville celebrations. Because our unique town is a haven for artists, nature lovers, chefs, businessmen and more, Knoxville has events to satiate every taste.

We cordially invite you to add Knoxville, Tennessee to your list of choice cities to visit in 2017, so you can discover why #Knoxrocks. Using our hashtag, you can join our Knoxville family by sharing your favorite Knoxville memories on social media.

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Reason Two “Knoxrocks”- Outdoor Adventures Abound Within City Limits

What makes any city truly great? Beautiful buildings? A diverse and delicious dining scene? Scads of lively events? All of the above! But what other single factor can put a city on the map for seasoned urban enthusiasts?

Urban nature. Venture outside of most city limits and you can find limited outdoor activities, but few cities boast more than a standard park or two. Knoxville, Tennessee, on the other hand, is virtually exploding with unique, entertaining and scenic natural adventures in the heart of the city, not to mention the abundance of trails, hikes, mountains and national parks just outside the city.