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Stuck in a Date Night Rut? Head to Knoxville and Try Out One of These 7 Ideas

Dinner and a movie, a cozy cup of coffee, and a romantic stroll through the park. What do these three outings have in common?  Each is a classic and reliable date night/outing. There’s nothing wrong with any of those date choices; it’s likely almost all of us have done all three at some point or another.

There’s never been a time in history when our world has offered us more to do, see, and experience. We can drive, ride a train, fly, cruise, and more to get anywhere in the world. We can scour the web to learn about any topic, activity, or destination.

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Summer Romance in Knoxville – 5 Reasons to Whisk Your Sweetheart Away

Feeling oh, so in love? Have you been dreaming of whisking your wife away for a weekend? Are you hoping to plan a romantic weekend for your boyfriends birthday over the summer?

A romantic weekend away is always in season and style! When it comes time to plan it all you really need to know are where and when. Sometimes the when can influence the where and vice versa.

Let’s say the when is summertime, and the where? Assuming you’re looking for a destination you’ve never been to before, somewhere unique, filled with cultural highlights, historical charm, and delicious libations, one distinct city comes to mind – Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knox, as it’s affectionately known as and referred to by locals, is surprisingly romantic. To paint a picture of exactly why here are five reasons you should choose Knoxville for your romantic summer getaway.