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6 Crucial Considerations to Make When Selecting Your Meeting Event Hotel

When planning your next big meeting or corporate event, it can be all too easy to focus on the destination and forget to also focus on the hotel. Yet, with most meetings, the hotel plays a crucial role in the overall event.

For starters, the actual meeting or event is going to be held at the hotel, right? If so, then the hotel is more important than the destination and should be chosen on the merits of its amenities, which will be key.

Without a doubt, choosing a hotel that is both ideal for accommodations and for the event will save time, energy, and resources. As you shop for such a place, there are a few key amenities to keep in mind and look for along the way.

Meetings & Events

Three Easy Reasons Why Knoxville Will Seamlessly Turn Your Business Trip Into a Bleisure Trip

Business travel, an experience that can be extremely satisfying or an absolute chore. Anyone who’s ever been dispatched out of town for a meeting, training, sales, or any other business-related reason, likely has had positive and less than positive experiences, but why? What made it positive or otherwise? Two aspects of business travel can make or break the trip, the reason for business and it’s result or the destination.

A less-than-stimulating day of meetings can be remedied with an eventful evening out and about in an exciting city. The stress of a tough day can be forgotten with a walk through a beautiful urban park nearby. There isn’t much that can be done to affect the outcome of your business trip as far as the business aspect goes, but when it comes to enjoying the leisurely portions of your business trip, there’s one destination that truly stands out.

Knoxville, Tennessee, a city that boasts the perfect blend of culture, cuisine, nature, and a vibrant personality that leaves all who visit with an itch to return.

If Knoxville, Tennessee is the next destination you’re traveling to for business, then you’re in luck. Or, if you get to decide where to plan your company’s next business trip to, look no further than Knoxville. This vibrant city is more than a business trip destination, it’s a bleisure travel paradise.