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Tips For Choosing The Best Knoxville Hotel For Your Trip

Many would say, Knoxville, Tennessee is the ultimate one-stop-shop travel destination. Seriously, if you haven’t heard through the travel grapevine yet, we cannot gush enough over our fine city. From an exploding food scene to abundant outdoor activities, Knoxville literally has it all. Which means you may need some helpful advice on how to choose where to stay when you decide to visit this great city! Figuring out where to stay and what to consider when choosing a hotel isn’t always easy or foolproof, but with our brief guideline, it’ll be a breeze.

Leisure Travel

Knoxville, Tennessee Might Just Surprise You With Its Plethora of Exciting and Unique Neighborhoods

What makes a city great? Beautiful buildings, renowned museums, acclaimed universities? Certainly those features all help, but the main feature that helps makes any city great, is if it has a wide variety of unique and diverse neighborhoods.

Instead of Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, The Flatiron District, etc., imagine if New York City was all the same, each neighborhood an exact replica of the next. Thankfully, that isn’t the case, and nor is it the case for numerous other U.S. cities.

Let’s take a look at one of the greatest cities in the American Southeast – Knoxville, Tennessee. Prized for its abundance of culture, cuisine, and outdoor adventure offerings, Knoxville is a true gem of a city. Comprised of more than 15 distinctive, unique, and diverse neighborhoods, Knoxville is a city full of discovery.

The question is not if you should visit but rather when, and then of course, where. Where, as in which neighborhoods out of the many should you spend the bulk of your time. We can help with that!