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Reason Three “Knoxrocks” – Events Year Round

With 2016 coming to a close, giddy excitement is beginning to bubble up and over our champagne glasses in anticipation for the New Year. 365 days of new possibilities, experiences, and adventures are hovering just out of sight. For all of the wanderlusters, weekend adventurers, foodies, festival junkies, and explorers, we’re ready to present you with reason #3 that Knoxrocks: Events Galore.

First came food, then came nature, and last but certainly not least, comes the deluge of Knoxville celebrations. Because our unique town is a haven for artists, nature lovers, chefs, businessmen and more, Knoxville has events to satiate every taste.

We cordially invite you to add Knoxville, Tennessee to your list of choice cities to visit in 2017, so you can discover why #Knoxrocks. Using our hashtag, you can join our Knoxville family by sharing your favorite Knoxville memories on social media.

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Reason Two “Knoxrocks”- Outdoor Adventures Abound Within City Limits

What makes any city truly great? Beautiful buildings? A diverse and delicious dining scene? Scads of lively events? All of the above! But what other single factor can put a city on the map for seasoned urban enthusiasts?

Urban nature. Venture outside of most city limits and you can find limited outdoor activities, but few cities boast more than a standard park or two. Knoxville, Tennessee, on the other hand, is virtually exploding with unique, entertaining and scenic natural adventures in the heart of the city, not to mention the abundance of trails, hikes, mountains and national parks just outside the city.

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Reason One “Knoxrocks” – Foodie Heaven

Foodies everywhere – we know you’re always on the hunt to find the next hidden gem – a cuisine Shangri-la – a place where unique flavors, rare dishes, and taste-bud satisfying treats co-exist. Though these scattered, and often unknown cities can be difficult to find, it’s always worth it in the end.

Knoxville is one such place – a foodie diamond in the rough. In fact, Knoxville is a hidden gem in more ways than cuisine, but for now, we’ll focus on guiding foodies everywhere to our beloved town.

Classic southern hospitality, locally sourced ingredients, and plenty of BBQ,  Knoxville is an unexpected delight. Situated in the northeast region of Tennessee, it flies under the radar for many tourists and foodies, which is part of what makes it so special.