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Tips For Choosing The Best Knoxville Hotel For Your Trip

Many would say, Knoxville, Tennessee is the ultimate one-stop-shop travel destination. Seriously, if you haven’t heard through the travel grapevine yet, we cannot gush enough over our fine city. From an exploding food scene to abundant outdoor activities, Knoxville literally has it all. Which means you may need some helpful advice on how to choose where to stay when you decide to visit this great city! Figuring out where to stay and what to consider when choosing a hotel isn’t always easy or foolproof, but with our brief guideline, it’ll be a breeze.

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Stuck in a Date Night Rut? Head to Knoxville and Try Out One of These 7 Ideas

Dinner and a movie, a cozy cup of coffee, and a romantic stroll through the park. What do these three outings have in common?  Each is a classic and reliable date night/outing. There’s nothing wrong with any of those date choices; it’s likely almost all of us have done all three at some point or another.

There’s never been a time in history when our world has offered us more to do, see, and experience. We can drive, ride a train, fly, cruise, and more to get anywhere in the world. We can scour the web to learn about any topic, activity, or destination.

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Exhibits We’re Loving at Knox Art in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

Combine spunk, artistic flair, and a chic ambiance and you’ve got the recipe for downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Downtown Knoxville is a seriously cool place, and over the course of the last decade, it’s been rapidly growing.

Any trip to Knoxville should include ample time to explore and enjoy downtown Knox. There’s just so much to see, do, and experience in downtown, but by far the Knoxville Museum of Art is one of our favorite places.

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You Can’t Miss Knoxville in the Spring and Here are 5 Events That Prove It

Few destinations are delightful to live in or visit year round. For many cities, winter is too cold and summer may be too hot or humid. Here in Knoxville, though, we can boast wonderful weather year round. Yes, Knoxville does experience all four seasons, but mildly so. In the colder months, temperatures rarely drop below 30 and in the summer rarely above the high 80s. Autumn is crisp and just cool enough and spring is simply lovely.

Ahhh, spring! One of the best times to visit Knoxville. Warm temperatures, sunny skies, and so much to do! Each spring season Knoxville plays host to a variety of exciting, culturally stimulating, and refreshing events. We’re not talking your run of the mill spring carnival, Knox (as the city is affectionately referred to) is quirky. Knox is unique. Knox is a place where creativity, imagination, and talent are celebrated and cherished. Trust us, it’s worth taking a trip to Knoxville this spring, just to enjoy an event or two.

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Summer Romance in Knoxville – 5 Reasons to Whisk Your Sweetheart Away

Feeling oh, so in love? Have you been dreaming of whisking your wife away for a weekend? Are you hoping to plan a romantic weekend for your boyfriends birthday over the summer?

A romantic weekend away is always in season and style! When it comes time to plan it all you really need to know are where and when. Sometimes the when can influence the where and vice versa.

Let’s say the when is summertime, and the where? Assuming you’re looking for a destination you’ve never been to before, somewhere unique, filled with cultural highlights, historical charm, and delicious libations, one distinct city comes to mind – Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knox, as it’s affectionately known as and referred to by locals, is surprisingly romantic. To paint a picture of exactly why here are five reasons you should choose Knoxville for your romantic summer getaway.

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Knoxville, Tennessee Might Just Surprise You With Its Plethora of Exciting and Unique Neighborhoods

What makes a city great? Beautiful buildings, renowned museums, acclaimed universities? Certainly those features all help, but the main feature that helps makes any city great, is if it has a wide variety of unique and diverse neighborhoods.

Instead of Chinatown, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, The Flatiron District, etc., imagine if New York City was all the same, each neighborhood an exact replica of the next. Thankfully, that isn’t the case, and nor is it the case for numerous other U.S. cities.

Let’s take a look at one of the greatest cities in the American Southeast – Knoxville, Tennessee. Prized for its abundance of culture, cuisine, and outdoor adventure offerings, Knoxville is a true gem of a city. Comprised of more than 15 distinctive, unique, and diverse neighborhoods, Knoxville is a city full of discovery.

The question is not if you should visit but rather when, and then of course, where. Where, as in which neighborhoods out of the many should you spend the bulk of your time. We can help with that!

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Stay Fit in 2017 With These Knoxville Fitness Trends

After the mouthwatering meals, countless cookies, assorted goodies, and cheerful libations that inevitably come with the holidays, many are eager to incorporate some exercise back into their routine.

Plenty of people frequently dedicate their new year’s resolutions to fitness-oriented goals. Whatever the reason may be, it’s safe to say that once again January will be the month of health-related activities.

Whether you are a current resident of Knoxville looking for a new workout hotspot or intend to visit and want to ensure you can carry on your fitness routine, we have listed some of Knoxville’s top fitness options for you. You can find the type of workout that fits your needs whether you are popping in for a business trip or have roots planted in Knoxville already.

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Getting to Know Knoxville, Tennessee: 10 Fascinating Facts

Every city has a personality, and truth be told, some are simply more vibrant, quirky, and alive than most. Knoxville is one such gem, and if you ever have the chance we highly recommend visiting Knoxville – it’s truly a treat.

Many of us are acquainted with some of the more well-known facts and trivia about iconic cities such as New York, Los Angeles, or New Orleans. We suppose that most people’s Knoxville trivia knowledge is slim to none. 

For your reading pleasure, and so you can impress the locals when you do choose to visit our fine city, here are some favorite odd bits of Knoxville trivia.

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Finally! A Destination so Pet-Friendly, You’ll Be Inspired to Take a Trip With Your (Real) Best Friend

Have you ever dreamed of going on a trip just you and your dog? We bet if you’re a real pet lover, this will resonate. Imagine, a few days of uninterrupted, quality time with Fido. Dining out on the town, exploring, and testing out some of the finest dog parks in the nation. Knoxville, Tennessee has quickly become one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country, and it’s worth bringing your “real” best friend on your next visit. 

Imagine, jetting off for a weekend filled with wagging tails, ball chasing, and all-natural dog treats. Knoxville is the place to go. The city has a deep love for dogs, and as a result, its dog friendliness is on another level.

Knoxville isn’t just a city with a handful of dog parks or pet-friendly restaurants, the love and affection for dogs in the city is much deeper than that. In 2009 the city of Knoxville aimed to become The Most Pet-Friendly City in The Nation in conjunction with the organization PetSafe. Being friendly and welcoming to four-legged friends isn’t just a goal of the citizens, but also of the city government. 

For those who fancy the idea of a pet getaway, we’ve compiled a list of the most fun and exciting pet-friendly places in Knoxville.