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Pack Like a Pro For Your Next Business Travel Trip With These 9 Tips

business travel packing tips

Packing. A single word which often elicits groans, moans, and procrastination in many of us. Whether you’re heading off on a pleasant tropical vacation or going to visit the in-laws for a week, it’s safe to say packing likely isn’t on your list of favorite pastimes.

Packing for business travel is a whole other ballgame and an important one. Realizing you forgot your suit shoes, experiencing lost luggage, or having your electric razor battery die won’t do you any favors!

Business Travel Packing Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Spending some time, in advance, planning out your packing list and reading our packing tips will hopefully save you struggle later on. So before you set off on your next business trip, consider these business travel packing tips:

It’s Not Worth The Checked Bag, Opt Carry-on Every Time

You’re going on a work trip and maximizing your time is of utmost importance. Dealing with lost luggage will not make your trip enjoyable. In fact, it might make your trip very stressful. Carry-on’s can fit more than you think. Roll your clothes, limit yourself to a specific amount of shirts, pants, dresses, suits, etc. Keep that precious carry on with you and never waste a moment worrying over lost luggage.

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Bring Copies of All Important Documents and Cards

business travel packing tipsJust in case you lose your driver’s license, credit card, passport, etc. it’s a smart idea to have backup photos of each item. Store the pictures on your phone or computer. If you already do this, and you’ve never lost anything, keep doing it anyway.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Black

Outfit planning, in general, is no walk in the park, and business outfit planning may be even more challenging. Make your life easier by sticking with mostly black. Black is sleek and clean, goes with nearly everything, and will help you pack less. Unless you’re a really savvy packer and outfit designer, colors will end up causing outfit headaches later on.

Oh, and in case you spill something on yourself, black is the easiest to clean.

Lose The Paper and Extra Devices

These days, you can read, listen, and watch anything on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Whichever devices you need for your business trip are the only ones you should bring – it will save you space and weight! Read magazines, electronic books, and anything else on your smartphone or laptop.

Stick With Two Pairs of Shoes

One pair of work shoes and one pair of leisure, after-work, or walking shoes. Don’t torture yourself with multiple pairs of shoes. Choose two.

Stock Up On Travel Sized Everything

Since you’ll just be bringing a carry-on, you’ll already be limited to 3-ounce liquids, and even then it’s unlikely you’ll need 3 ounces of anything. If you can’t stand hotel hair dryers, then invest in a travel size one you do like. Same goes for other hair tools – straighteners, curling irons, etc. Consider any items you use in your daily routine and see if there’s a smaller, more travel-friendly size available. If you travel often, it’s worth the investment.

Be Extremely Familiar With Your Business Itinerary

business travel packing tipsThough we always suggest packing as light as possible, some business trips may entail certain events requiring additional items or clothing. Familiarizing yourself with the itinerary of your trip will ensure you don’t overlook a necessary item. Is there going to be a formal banquet? Are there going to be team building exercises outdoors somewhere? Are you expected to bring a gift for someone? Calculate the space needed for these extra items to avoid over, or under, packing.

Factor in The Weather

Weather monitoring may seem like an obvious consideration, but in the rush of packing (looking at you last minute packers!), it can be easy to forget or overlook. Check your weather app, even look up hashtags of the destination on Instagram to get a real-time idea of what the weather is like. Not having a raincoat in Seattle will not do you any favors, for example.

Always Make a Work-Item Checklist

Make a list of all work-related items you’ll need.

  • Presentation tools
  • Handouts
  • Business cards
  • Work electronics – i.e. laptop

Making extra sure you have all of your work essentials will give you peace of mind on the journey over!

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Just like anything else, being a business travel packing pro takes time and practice! If you often travel for work, becoming efficient at business travel packing will be a time and stress saver. There’s no trip too difficult to pack for as long as you give yourself enough time to plan and prepare. If you want even more tips, or an outfit planning tool, check out Pinterest, our go-to for business travel packing tips. We hope you have a fantastic trip filled with zero instances of lost luggage or packing woes! 

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