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8 Corporate Event Trends That Will Shock, Awe, and Encourage Engagement at Your Next Event

corporate event trends

In today’s fast-paced society corporate event trends seem to change as quick as Fashion Week’s models change outfits.

Keeping up with the trends and the changes in the industry can be challenging, but it’s important to keep up with them to stay relevant and engaging. Whether you are in the business of planning corporate events, or you’re the appointed event planner for your company, keeping up with this year’s corporate event trends is key!

A successful corporate event is often marked by how engaged the participants were. Holding the participant’s engagement and attention, though, is usually the challenge.

Awe Your Event Attendees With These 8 Corporate Event Trends

Thus, the question remains – what are the latest corporate event trends that foster and encourage maximum engagement? For your next upcoming corporate event, we recommend applying the following trends:

1. Personalize

corporate event trendsEngagement increases tenfold when participants feel the personalization. This can be done through targeted email, introduction stations at the onset of the event, coordinated actions with the hotel for in-room personalization, and much more. The more ways you can come up with to personalize and target each participant, the more engagement will occur.

2. The Latest Technology

Even as we utter the phrase “the latest technology,” we can be pretty certain something new was created in that moment. Oh well. We don’t mean you need to utilize the absolute latest advances for your corporate event, but rather be aware of the various technological tools available. Choose tools that resonate with your event vision.

  • Live video is everything. These days many event attendees tire of watching pre-made videos but will happily engage with live ones.
  • Virtual reality is an excellent tool to transport attendees elsewhere, and allow them to learn and engage while doing so.

Though everyone is gathered in one place or room for the corporate event, the usage of live technologies can add depth and layers to the event and help hold everyone’s attention. Live is an overarching theme, but there are other technological advancements available as well offering a variety of features.

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3. Crowdsourcing

Co-creation not only keeps engagement strong, but it often results in a given company’s best work. Never before has the ability to co-create been so seamless and exciting. At your corporate event, plan for group brainstorming sessions. Execute exercises and meeting sessions where the goal is to crowdsource ideas and find the strength of the attendees combined skill sets.

There are a variety of technologies out that enhance and enable crowdsourcing:

corporate event trends4. Touchable Tech

Being able to watch and engage virtually is great for both in-person attendees and those attendees who cannot physically be present. But, how about using technology to increase engagement at the actual event? Touchable technology is taking corporate event engagement to a whole new level. This offline technology is a total sensory experience. Touchable technology can be playful, nostalgic, and exploratory. If this sounds vague, it’s because there are countless ways to utilize touchable technology, and since all events are different, you need to figure out how your event can best use it. A few examples include:

  • Custom Photo Props
  • Programmable, touch-enabled t-shirts

5. Diverse Presenters/Events

Historically speaking, white males have been the rule, not the exception, when it comes to corporate events and presentations. To foster the maximum amount of engagement possible, it’s wise to diversify the event’s presenters. As you plan your event seek out presenters from all walks of life, genders, and ages.

6. Aesthetics + Design

Being visually stimulating is just as important as being intellectually stimulating. Whichever type of corporate meeting or event you’re executing, take the time to brainstorm how you can transform or enhance the venue to be visually appealing and stimulating.

  • Stimulating lighting – i.e. not drowsy or too-bright
  • Photographs of the team throughout the year or at relevant events
  • LED Technology installations
  • Big drawing boards meant for ideas and creativity

The options here are limitless! Use your creativity to brainstorm how to bring out the creativity of your participants!

7. Use The Whole Venue

corporate event trendsOr, at least, more areas than just the conference room. Go for a walk, get outside, do a bit of yoga collectively. Offer lunch outside. Break up the day or days by changing scenery and activities. Take field trips throughout the venue to really utilize it in every way possible. Think outside the box, but do let the venue know what you’re thinking so they are aware and prepared to assist you!

8. Never Overlook The Importance of Cuisine

The way to many people’s hearts (and minds) is through their stomachs. Cuisine has become a hot topic all around, and you won’t want to overlook it when planning your event. So many of the other corporate event trends we’ve mentioned can also be executed through this one – diversity, visual stimulation, design, personalization, etc. When it comes to cuisine, consider:

  • Offer an array of dishes from different cultures
  • Check-in with attendees ahead of time to see if any are vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.
  • Locally sourced, environmentally friendly
  • Offering a taste of the destination the event is being held in
  • Energy boosting foods instead of carb-loading and heavy dishes

Without engagement, one could argue that the meeting wasn’t altogether successful. Whatever your end goal is, chances are engagement is required to reach it. Work smarter, not harder, with the above trends to ensure the engagement is set on high!

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