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How Modern Day Butler’s and Concierges Can Enhance Your Next Hotel Experience

modern day butler

We live in a time where getting things done oneself has never been simpler. Except, how often throughout your day do you set out to take care of, what should be, a five-minute task, just to find yourself still dealing with it twenty minutes later?

Technology bothers, long telephone “holds,” exasperated online research and plenty more small nuisances tend to pop up everyday, even while on vacation.

While traveling or vacationing, those same nuisances tend to be a bit worse since the environment is less familiar. This is when the service of a Butler or Concierge truly come in handy.

Take Advantage Of The Offers Available At Knoxville’s Only Personal Luxury Hotel.

Unless you’re among those already well-acquainted with their services, for many of us the idea of a Butler is something out of Downton Abbey. A distant, not-from-this-time-period concept.

Modern Day Butler? Yes, and Here’s Why

Thank goodness that isn’t the case! As it turns out, Butlers and Concierges are just as efficient and relevant today as they were in the early 1900s. Not every hotel offers such personnel, but if you’re lucky enough to stay at a hotel that does, take advantage! Trust us, your trip or vacation can be times smoother with a personal Butler, here’s how:

No More Technology Troubles, Fruitless Research, or Lengthy Phone ‘Holds’

modern day butlerThroughout your stay, your assigned Butler or Concierge acts and assists much in the way an assistant would. Rather than spending hours researching what you’d like to do, booking the tickets, and making transportation arrangements, your Concierge will take do all of that for you.

Possibly one of the most useful features of the concierge is their ability to discern which attractions and experiences you’ll enjoy the most, based on your interests. Seriously, imagine simply spending five minutes telling someone what you enjoy doing while on vacation, and having that person come back with a comprehensive list of what to do and see in a given destination. That is exactly what your concierge can, and will, do for you. Once you mention which things you’d like to do, they’ll arrange an itinerary with all of the details filled in. All you’ll need to worry about is enjoying yourself.

Everything Will be Personalized to a ‘T’

modern day butlerWhat makes a Butler different than the rest of the hotel team? Your Butler is going to ensure that everything about your stay is personalized to you. For example, rather than chocolates on your bed after it’s made, macaroons will be placed because you mentioned that those are your favorite sweet treat.

Is your favorite morning newspaper the New York Times? Count on it being delivered to your room first thing, accompanied by your favorite morning beverage.

Perhaps one evening you decide you’d prefer to dine in your room. Even though you won’t be in the dining room, your Butler will ensure the same experience of being served and waited on is seamless and wonderful.

Do you enjoy having your jeans ironed? Say the word to your Butler and it will be done. Whatever laundry, cleaning, or other requests you have will be honored and executed without a second mention or thought.

Any Possible Need or Request is Taken Care of Immediately

We’ve all been there, something random and unforeseen takes place and now there is a hiccup in the vacation experience. With the Butler service, everything will be amended as quickly as possible. A few examples include:

  • Wardrobe issues – Stain on your wedding dress? Your Butler will go out and have it removed before the big moment. Lost luggage? Your Butler will do whatever it takes to replace the items so you won’t have to skip a beat.
  • Health Issues – Say you get a migraine, and you know that lavender essential oil does the trick but you didn’t bring any. Your Concierge will be right back with it. Terrible blisters from a walking tour or hike? Your Butler will be by the room with moleskin, blister band-aids, and a cocktail.

Overall, You Can Spend All of Your Time Enjoying and Zero Time Doing

You may just be on your trip or vacation for a few days, with the assistance of a Butler or Concierge, you can spend every moment maximizing your experience. You will spend approximately zero moments “dealing” with anything, leave that to your Butler. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, you will feel the presence and support of having someone directly looking after you and your needs, as long as you wish it.

How often in our daily lives do we get to experience that kind of personalization and support? Likely not often. More and more hotels are adding Concierges and Butlers to their teams, and for good reason.

If you can’t wait to experience the bliss of having a personal Butler, then book your stay at The TENNESSEAN Hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee and see for yourself how wonderful they are. Enjoy everything Knoxville has to offer without having to lift a finger or make a single note in your planner.

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