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Reason Three “Knoxrocks” – Events Year Round

things to do knoxville tn

With 2016 coming to a close, giddy excitement is beginning to bubble up and over our champagne glasses in anticipation for the New Year. 365 days of new possibilities, experiences, and adventures are hovering just out of sight. For all of the wanderlusters, weekend adventurers, foodies, festival junkies, and explorers, we’re ready to present you with reason #3 that Knoxrocks: Events Galore.

First came food, then came nature, and last but certainly not least, comes the deluge of Knoxville celebrations. Because our unique town is a haven for artists, nature lovers, chefs, businessmen and more, Knoxville has events to satiate every taste.

We cordially invite you to add Knoxville, Tennessee to your list of choice cities to visit in 2017, so you can discover why #Knoxrocks. Using our hashtag, you can join our Knoxville family by sharing your favorite Knoxville memories on social media.

Things to Do in Knoxville TN

Without further ado, here are the top three Knoxville events we’re looking forward to in 2017:

First Friday Art Walk(s)

things to do knoxville tn
Image source: Inside of Knoxville

On the first Friday of every month, the streets of downtown Knoxville come alive with art. Galleries, studios, and artist collectives are presented for your exploration. Live music and performances line the streets and a variety of downtown venues. Pop into restaurants in between galleries and shows to treat yourself to an array of culinary delights and libations. Every month a fresh round of exhibits, performances, dining specials and fine art events take place. Knoxville is proud of its thriving art community, and First Friday is one of the ways we celebrate the many local artists and their crafts. The next date is January 6, 2017.

Mardi Growl

What could outshine celebrating Mardi Gras with indulgent bites and drinks while dressed in all purple, green, and gold? Celebrating with your pooch! One of Knoxville’s most delightful traditions is the annual Mardi Growl. Usually taking place right before or after Fat Tuesday, Mardi Growl is a Mardi Gras themed dog parade that culminates in a pet party. The bonus of this festive event is that all the proceeds go towards supporting the Young-Williams Animal Center, a no-kill animal shelter and adoption center. The 2017 date and time have not yet been released, but visit this website for dates to be announced (historically, Mardi Growl occurs at the beginning of March).

Big Ears Festival

things to do knoxville tn big ears festival
Image source: Big Ears Festival, Facebook

The Oxford American Magazine declared the Big Ears Festival “one of the most quietly earth-shattering, subtly luminous festivals the world over.” Big Ears Festival is a uniquely collaborative artistic event that extends a rare experiential element to both artists and viewers. To summarize exactly what it is, Big Ears Festival is a dynamic, interactive experience that explores connections between musicians and artists, crossing all musical genres while interfacing with film, performance, and the visual arts. Are you wondering where the name comes from? For the ability to discern, perceive, and truly listen to things others might miss, your ears must be acutely attuned to distinguishing musical nuances, right? In that case, the bigger the ears the better!

So, what can you expect to experience at Big Ears Festival? A weekend of internationally renowned musical performances in stunning historic theaters, clubs, galleries, and museums. You have the option to listen to talks and discussions, take part in interactive workshops, form new connections, and observe a variety of installations, exhibitions, film screenings and surprise collaborations. Big Ears is a four-day celebration of the never-ending adventure of artistic creation and exploration. Let’s just say it’s a pretty prodigious event. Happening March 23 – 26 2017.

It’s hard to get us to stop talking about the sights to see, activities to do, and experiences to encounter in Knoxville. The only true way to understand our obsession is to come explore the city in person! It is genuinely the only one of its kind, and it’s growing each year. We have no doubt that 2017 will bring a profusion of new art, cuisine, and events, continuing to make Knoxville the most captivating town around. As you make plans to visit, take a moment to check out THE TENNESSEAN Hotel, the newest luxury accommodation in Knoxville coming in 2017.  


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