Looking For Water Adventure This Summer? Head to Knoxville, Tennessee

The Great Lakes of the South. Ever heard of such a place? That nickname affectionately refers to East Tennessee, where seven large lakes and countless rivers combine to create a whopping 220,000 acres of water! Together the bodies of water form over 4,500 miles of shoreline and result in unlimited recreational fun!

In the heart of this water paradise lies Knoxville, Tennessee. Referred to as “Knox” by the locals, there’s hardly a water activity that can’t be enjoyed in, or just outside of, the city.

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Pack Like a Pro For Your Next Business Travel Trip With These 9 Tips

Packing. A single word which often elicits groans, moans, and procrastination in many of us. Whether you’re heading off on a pleasant tropical vacation or going to visit the in-laws for a week, it’s safe to say packing likely isn’t on your list of favorite pastimes.

Packing for business travel is a whole other ballgame and an important one. Realizing you forgot your suit shoes, experiencing lost luggage, or having your electric razor battery die won’t do you any favors!

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Tips For Choosing The Best Knoxville Hotel For Your Trip

Many would say, Knoxville, Tennessee is the ultimate one-stop-shop travel destination. Seriously, if you haven’t heard through the travel grapevine yet, we cannot gush enough over our fine city. From an exploding food scene to abundant outdoor activities, Knoxville literally has it all. Which means you may need some helpful advice on how to choose where to stay when you decide to visit this great city! Figuring out where to stay and what to consider when choosing a hotel isn’t always easy or foolproof, but with our brief guideline, it’ll be a breeze.

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Stuck in a Date Night Rut? Head to Knoxville and Try Out One of These 7 Ideas

Dinner and a movie, a cozy cup of coffee, and a romantic stroll through the park. What do these three outings have in common?  Each is a classic and reliable date night/outing. There’s nothing wrong with any of those date choices; it’s likely almost all of us have done all three at some point or another.

There’s never been a time in history when our world has offered us more to do, see, and experience. We can drive, ride a train, fly, cruise, and more to get anywhere in the world. We can scour the web to learn about any topic, activity, or destination.

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8 Corporate Event Trends That Will Shock, Awe, and Encourage Engagement at Your Next Event

In today’s fast-paced society corporate event trends seem to change as quick as Fashion Week’s models change outfits.

Keeping up with the trends and the changes in the industry can be challenging, but it’s important to keep up with them to stay relevant and engaging. Whether you are in the business of planning corporate events, or you’re the appointed event planner for your company, keeping up with this year’s corporate event trends is key!

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Exhibits We’re Loving at Knox Art in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

Combine spunk, artistic flair, and a chic ambiance and you’ve got the recipe for downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Downtown Knoxville is a seriously cool place, and over the course of the last decade, it’s been rapidly growing.

Any trip to Knoxville should include ample time to explore and enjoy downtown Knox. There’s just so much to see, do, and experience in downtown, but by far the Knoxville Museum of Art is one of our favorite places.

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Quick, Digestible Event Budget Planning Tips to Set You Up For Success

Being the intermediary has never been an easy job, but it’s crucial – and that’s exactly the role event planners often take. Your company, or client, has tasked you with planning an event, and they’re counting on you to deliver.

Budget is often time the biggest challenge when it comes to event planning, and for good reason. The budget is the driving force behind the entire operation, it’s needed for every other detail – venue, cuisine, activities, etc. So if there’s one detail that is necessary to pin down at the very beginning of the planning stages, it’s the budget.

You can, and will, plan the event of your company’s or client’s dreams, especially if you utilize these key concepts.

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You Can’t Miss Knoxville in the Spring and Here are 5 Events That Prove It

Few destinations are delightful to live in or visit year round. For many cities, winter is too cold and summer may be too hot or humid. Here in Knoxville, though, we can boast wonderful weather year round. Yes, Knoxville does experience all four seasons, but mildly so. In the colder months, temperatures rarely drop below 30 and in the summer rarely above the high 80s. Autumn is crisp and just cool enough and spring is simply lovely.

Ahhh, spring! One of the best times to visit Knoxville. Warm temperatures, sunny skies, and so much to do! Each spring season Knoxville plays host to a variety of exciting, culturally stimulating, and refreshing events. We’re not talking your run of the mill spring carnival, Knox (as the city is affectionately referred to) is quirky. Knox is unique. Knox is a place where creativity, imagination, and talent are celebrated and cherished. Trust us, it’s worth taking a trip to Knoxville this spring, just to enjoy an event or two.

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Summer Romance in Knoxville – 5 Reasons to Whisk Your Sweetheart Away

Feeling oh, so in love? Have you been dreaming of whisking your wife away for a weekend? Are you hoping to plan a romantic weekend for your boyfriends birthday over the summer?

A romantic weekend away is always in season and style! When it comes time to plan it all you really need to know are where and when. Sometimes the when can influence the where and vice versa.

Let’s say the when is summertime, and the where? Assuming you’re looking for a destination you’ve never been to before, somewhere unique, filled with cultural highlights, historical charm, and delicious libations, one distinct city comes to mind – Knoxville, Tennessee.

Knox, as it’s affectionately known as and referred to by locals, is surprisingly romantic. To paint a picture of exactly why here are five reasons you should choose Knoxville for your romantic summer getaway.